Why is Marti Stevens Interactive Improvisational Theater so effective?

  • MSIIT presents issues so that participants want to talk about them. It provides an alternative to lecture and video training, utilizing intuitive strategies that stimulate the nonverbal and emotional side of the brain.

  • Problem solving within groups
  • Since the scenarios are designed around the experiences and challenges of the audience members, the participants can more easily relate to, and engage in, the issues.

  • Because the situations and attitudes portrayed by MSIIT are so lifelike, the audience can engage in the issues without the intense personal reactions that often make real-life discussion more difficult.

  • When audience members choose to become involved in an activity there is a far greater likelihood that the experience will be meaningful.

  • MSIIT is entertaining, easily holding the interest of a group.

  • MSIIT scenarios are designed especially to stimulate dialogue and problem solving within groups.
"Right on target"          "Relevant"          "Creative"