What is Interactive Improvisational Theater?

Interactive Improvisational Theater is a technique used to present challenging issues that involves the audience in recognizing those issues and strategizing solutions. Marti Stevens conversation starting scenarios

The process begins with exploratory conversations with the client organization. In these conversations, the client organization identifies issues to be highlighted, while Theater members become familiar with background information. Building on these discussions, members of the Marti Stevens Interactive Improvisational Theater develop a series of short “worst case” scenarios that bring the targeted issues to life. Performances consist of 3 to 5 scenarios, each including audience interaction.

At a critical point in each scenario, the director stops the action, the actors stay in character, and the facilitator invites the audience to interact with and question the characters. This interactive stage is where participants can “use” the characters to explore the issues and their possible remedies.

Our observation is that participants’ enthusiasm for the process is infectious. The IIT process is learning without lectures, blackboards, experts, flip charts, pencils, or workbooks. It encourages cooperation, critical thinking, respect for others, and taking healthy risks to express oneself in front of peers.

"It is so valuable to make these scenarios come alive for us."     - Carlin Whitehouse